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WHOO! May 9, 2008

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I’m finally back again.


I think I should quit.

If I ever quit, I’ll give all my accounts to someone.


Cos I’m now into habbo.

I dont know why either.

Club penguin has changed so much, and now, I dont even know whats happening in CP?

Should I really quit?

Please leave your comments 😉




Shovel Pin January 5, 2008

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The shovel pin is in the boiler room. (:

BACK! November 26, 2007

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Wow! I never logged onto cp for VERY long…so i guess i’ve been missing much? Lots of festivals and carnivals eh? And lots of new stuff (: I will try to update this site more regularly now that I am back. Clubpenguin has really upgraded eh? They even have a stage now…I must really go check out the new and improved cp eh? HAHA.




What’s been happening? November 9, 2007

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You havent posted anything or pretty much done anything with this site for a while now, what’s happening?

Cool Water Party! July 14, 2007

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Theres a cool water party in Clubpenguin!

Theres music everywhere except some places.

I like the dojo best cos it looks super cute…with the whale there…

New Free Item: Umbrella Hats July 14, 2007

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The new free item is the umbrella hats.

3 MORE DAYS June 25, 2007

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I will be closing the assistant position and deciding on who my assistant shall become. So hurry and apply for that position!

Assistant Wanted June 24, 2007

Posted by for3v3r in Uncategorized.

I think I need an assistant who is very honest and goes on clubpenguin regularly (almost everyday) to help me get the free items that cp hands out during parties and stuff
-password to for3v3r
-password to bbggurl
-2000 coins for every item got
(If u wanna gimme ur password)
I won’t ban you. If I do,you can also ban me. But if I don’t ban you,you cannot ban me for no reason or I will use my hacking programme to ban you also, if you didn’t give me your password or if you change your password. And for the items,you must get every free item for me and in total,you can only miss two items. Unless you tell me that you are going on a holiday or some reason that you cannot go on cp to get the items for me. And you are not allowed to delete any of my buddies. Priority would be given to my buddies on cp if they apply for this position.

To apply for this position, you must post a comment under this post with your name,penguin name and a few words on why I should hire you.

AHHH! June 24, 2007

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I missed the green sunglasses cos I was away on a holiday! AHHHH! It looks so cool! I think I will quit cp…anyone can lend me an account with the green sunglasses? I swear that I will not ban it..

Japan!!! June 12, 2007

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hey all…i am going to japan for the next 10 mdays so i will not be posting much nor will i be on clubpenguin that often…i am at the airport now…using their free internet to post this…i am sure i will have lots of fun in japan…when i come back…i will post pictures of japan for yall to see…kk…bye

love, for3v3r